2017 Farm to Table Season

Hyper-local, food with integrity, outdoor dining under the prairie skies. Are you ready for the 2017 Dinners on the Farm Season?

Elena with food

photo by Rachel Brown

This year, we're hosting the chefs from Sunday Dinner Club (aka Honey Butter Fried Chicken, Chicago, IL) as well as a line up of several other well-known chefs from Chicago and Central Illinois.  Our preliminary dates and themes are described below. Additional dates, chefs and themes will be added as they become confirmed.

For general information about our farm to table meals (the basic information, how it works, etc.) visit our Farm Dinners: The Basics web page. For ticket purchasing, visit our SHOWCLIX Page. 


Sunday August 13 – Pop-Up Brunch-Desayuno Cubano with Sunday Dinner Club Chefs

Cubano sandwiches for breakfast/brunch? A little bit of Miami in the Midwest?? YES PLEASE!  SDC Executive Sous Chef Becca’s has become a Cubano maven of sorts in Chicago. How is it done?: local, pastured-heritage pork, Nueske's ham, Swiss-style cheese, house-made pickles, chipotle mayo, and mustard butter on a Ciabatta Panino. Delicioso!  If that doesn’t sound decadent enough for you, we’ll add farm eggs to the sandwich to brunch it up. The cubano is served with a fresh tomato, melon, and mint Salad. Aaaaand…. Rum Cake Doughnuts! This meal will sustain you for the rest of the day.

$40/person includes coffee (and even café Cubano), tea, house cocktail.

One seating (60 person capacity): 11 AM to 1 PM.   

Saturday, August 19th Cook-Out Vegetarian Style with Guest Chef Dan Compton, Vie Restaurant, Western Springs IL.

Hot veggies, cold microbrews – savor the summer bounty of the Midwest with a vegetarian cookout. Who needs meat when you've got all these farm-grown treasures bursting with flavor in the dog days of summer? Tomatoes, sweet corn, eggplant, summer beans, peppers, blueberries, peaches; so much to work with... Add some cold craft beer from Big Thorn Farm & Brewery, Georgetown, IL  and you may never need to eat meat again. 


 chevre-stuffed marinated peppers
moonglow cheese straws, smoked apple butter, summer squash escabeche
angel food and roasted cabbage empanadas, tomatillo salsa
citra sour
heirloom tomatoes, wood-grilled corn, hawaiian bread, aioli, tarragon oil, hot peppers, black goat
farm pale with citra hops
grilled summer vegetables cacio e pepe: beans, squashes, eggplant, tropea onions, kale, broccoli, magia negra, brown rice cake
farm red ale
tart cherry clafouti, fresh blueberries, lemon verbena sour cream

$65/person includes beer pairings with a three course meal. One seating: 5:00-8:00 pm (55 people capacity)

Saturday September 9th – The 100 Yard Dinner with Sunday Dinner Club Chefs

Using ingredients grown or raised within 100 yards of the dinner table, this is one of PFF&C’s most popular and cherished annual feasts. The SDC chefs will be riffing on a late-summer Mediterranean theme - expect fresh and charred veggies, lots of tomatoes, bread made with locally milled flour (we allow ourselves a few exceptions to the 100 yard rule, especially now that we have local flour grown within 50 miles of the farm), fruit from the orchards, grilled meats and poultry, chevre and aged goat cheeses, lots of fresh herbs, and bright flavors. This dinner is the culmination of a season of diverse production. Don’t miss it!--SOLD OUT

5:00-8:30 PM $100 per person (does not include alcoholic beverages, but they are available for purchase)    


Saturday September 30th A Celebration of Squash with Guest Chef Nicole Pederson, Found Restaurant, Evanston, IL and Guest Farmer, Mac Condill, of the Great Pumpkin Patch, Arthur IL

The plant family, Cucurbitaceae, is one of the most diverse on the planet.  Guest Chef, Nicole Pederson of Found Restaurant, is a not daunted by this diversity; au contraire, she is excited to prepare a multi-course meal celebrating as many varieties of squashes and pumpkins that we can get our hands on. The Great Pumpkin Patch will oblige with over 400 varieties of cucurbits. 

From the chef: "I was blown away at the 400 different varieties of Squash that Mac grows down at the Great Pumpkin Patch and was trying to figure out how to narrow it down. We decided to create a menu around the squash genus “cucurbita-moschata”. We have chosen just 11 different squash from this genus to create our 5 course dinner menu."

Come to the dinner to find out more about the squash we choose!

First Course: Roasted Squash and Tomato Soup

Second Course Squash Mezze:  Thinly sliced squash spread with walnut/pepper paste Squash borani, pff goat yogurt, saffron water- with Squash blossom paratha Braised Goat, PFF Feta Cheese and squash  

Third Course: “Cider can” Guinea Fowl with Grilled Squash and Squash bbq sauce, Simple mashed squash with butter and warm spices, Squash Slaw

Fourth Course:  Selection of Prairie Fruits Farm Cheese with Squash moraba (preserves with cardamon and rosewater- persian) Squash membrillo, Squash Seed Cracker

Dessert: Squash cake, apple cider icing, crab apple butter, goat's milk gelato

5-8:30 PM $100 per person (does not include alcoholic beverages, but they are available for purchase).

Saturday October 14th - Pop Up Pizza Night Out at the Farm with Sunday Dinner Club Chefs

Chef Josh’s pizza obsession benefits us all. Sunday Dinner Club brings his beloved square-style pizza to Champaign for the finale of their 2017 series. We’ll fire up the wood-fired grill and make pizzas on the farm! Toppings include local meats and cheeses, tomato sauce made from tomatoes grown at PFFC, a fall side green salad, and tiramisu for dessert.

$40/person (includes a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail and some light snacks upon arrival).

Two seatings: 4:30-6:30 PM (60 people capacity) 7:00-9:00 PM (60 people capacity) 

Saturday, October 28th Sabores de Mexico, Guest Chef Andres Padilla, Frontera Grill-Topolobamba, Chicago, IL

The farm dinner season finale ends on a high note. Guest chef Andres Padilla (he’s the guy at the helm of the great cuisine coming out of Rick Bayless’ Frontera Grill and Topolobampo Restaurants) will prepare a fall feast resplendent with regional mexican flavors.  This multi-course meal will bring the heat from south of the border to warm your soul. UPDATE: Topolobampo won the "Outstanding Restaurant in the US" award at the James Beard Ceremonies this year!! SOLD OUT!

5-8:30 PM $100 per person (does not include alcoholic beverages, but they are available for purchase).