2018 Farm to Table Season

Hyper-local, food with integrity, outdoor dining under the prairie skies. Are you ready for the 2018 "Dinners on the Farm" Season?

Our dinner season runs from late May into early December this year. We're posting the spring and summer dates and themes now so you can start planning and purchasing tickets. We'll add more dates and themes as they become available. 

For general information about our farm to table meals (the basic information, how it works, etc.) visit our Farm Dinners: The Basics. For ticket purchasing, visit our SHOWCLIX Page. Ticket prices listed below do NOT include sales tax (9%), a small service fee (ShowClix) or gratuity.


May 26th “spring is in the air” Chef Raquel will prepare a French-inspired spring menu featuring a Prairie Fruits Farm tradition: spring lamb from Caveny Farm in Monticello IL.  Come join us, and guest farmers John and Betsy Caveny, for the first dinner of the season. $100/person  


Savory goat cheese cheesecakes / granola crust / ramp marmalade / pickled radish / homemade crackers *

Minty spring pea purée roasted carrot / mustard seed / maple *

Rabbit terrine Mixed blue moon farm greens / edible flowers /  herb vinaigrette *

Flyway Farm shiitake / trumpet Mushroom / spinach / sweet onion roasted beet ravioli / chive butter *

Fire Grilled Caveny Farm Leg of lamb / roasted garlic / rosemary Shallot vinaigrette Asparagus Fire grilled bread *

Strawberry / cherry / chiffon trifle Whipped cream / Rhubarb compote

SOLD OUT: June 9th  “Jar Sessions Dinner” Guest Chef Paul Virant of Vie Restaurant (Western Springs IL) and Vistro (Hinsdale) will build a savory multi-course meal around his latest venture “Jar Sessions.”  The Midwest “king of canning” is sure to surprise us with his latest savory and sweet concoctions.   $100/person


Mixed Hors d’oeuvres  


Chicken hot links, pickled sweet pepper dressing, arugula, chow chow remoulade  


Beets, carrots, smoked apple butter vinaigrette, PF huckleberry blue, roasted sunflower seeds  


Dry-aged beef ribeye, suet roasted potatoes, peas and onions, pickled tomato hollandaise  


Blueberry aigre-doux, swirl PF yogurt paleta, peach preserves, coconut crunch

June 23rd “Early Summer Cucina Italiana” Guest Chefs Christine and Josh of Chicago’s Sunday Dinner Club fame (aka Honey Butter Fried Chicken) return to the farm to cook some of their favorite foods. They’ll take advantage of the early garden offerings (greens, peas and maybe some early tomatoes) and make some fresh pasta for sure. We might even convince Christine to make her signature goat cheese tiramisu! $100/person


Pea hummus, Radishes, Sesame Seeds

Roasted Asparagus, Proscuitto, Cherry Balsamic Butter

Crispy Market Eggplant, Goat Feta, Pesto, Castelvetrano Olives

Roman Style Square Pizza with Roasted Garlic Cream, Cherry Tomatoes, Pelota Roja cheese and Black Pepper with Patio Salad

Grilled Pasture Raised Brick Chicken with at least 40 Cloves of Garlic, Lemon, Fennel Sausage, Marinated Zucchini

Strawberry Ice Cream, Basil Magic Shell, Strawberries, Cornmeal Cookie Crumble

July 7th “Summer Tapas-A trip through Europe”   Skip the long lines and the jet lag! Let us feed you a flight of tapas inspired by classic European dishes.  Chef Raquel will keep the small plates coming in this multi-course meal. $70/person-SOLD OUT


Upon Arrival

PFFC Chevre / roasted pecan / mint / nectarine / V

Bok choy / flyway farm mushroom / scallion / pan fried wonton / sesame ginger glaze / VG  

5:30pm TOUR  

6:00pm Dinner:  

Boards of PFFC cheese / Jamon Serrano / spicy roasted pecan / autumn berry jam / moonglo crackers  

Grilled vegetable antipasti / olive oil / garden herbs / VG  

Moore Farm potato salad /crispy garlic / garden herbs/ V  

Flyway Farm Lion Mane Mushroom/ Illini sweet corn cakes / roasted pepper aioli / V  

Grilled Tanglefoot Ranch freshwater prawn skewers / artichoke / olive / garlic oil  

Merguez Goat Albondigas  / Heirloom tomato  

Caveny Farm lamb loin skewer / chimichurri   Herbed Flatbread / roasted garlic oil / V  

Dessert: Citrus zest Beignet / macerated berries & basil / hydrated strawberry powder sugar / V

July 21st “Southern Style Seafood Boil” What could be better in the dog days of summer than large outdoor boiling pots filled with steaming fish, shellfish, potatoes and sweet corn?  If you’ve ever experienced the joy of pulling shellfish apart with your fingers, this dinner is for you.  Think fresh water prawns, crawfish, great lakes white fish and more. Chef Raquel will channel her love of southern food to craft a farm fancy feast. $70/person

Planned Menu

Appetizer: Mini Crawfish meat pies *


Tanglefoot Ranch Shrimp

Piemonte Chorizo Sausage

Louisiana Crawfish

Lake Michigan Whitefish

Illinois sweet corn

Moore Farm potatoes


Garden Greens


Garlic bread  

Dessert: Gelato Sundae Bar with all the fixins  

Featured Beer: Big Thorn Brewery (for additional purchase)

August 4th “A Cheesy Affair” Our good friends at Pastoral’s Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant in Andersonville, Chicago know a thing or two about cheeses and how to make them shine with food. They’ll take our cheeses, along with peak ripeness fruits (think peaches folks) and veggies and some locally sourced meats to prepare us a fromage-lover’s feast. $100/person


-Chilled Tomato Soup Shooters          

-Chicken Liver Mousse Toastettes          

-Lamb and Pork Pate  


Grilled peach salad with arugula, Belgian endive, citrus vinaigrette, pomegranate reduction, crispy prosciutto, and Pino-Grigio-Soaked Little Bloom on the Prairie  


Corn and chevre ravioli with a red pepper sauce, basil oil, and crispy beet chips  


Roasted Pork Loin with charred summer vegetables, sweet pea chimichurri, Blushing Goat wash-rind cheese    


Gelato with raspberry rose compote, and a chocolate chip cookie

August 18th “Summer Vegetarian” Vie Restaurant’s Executive Chef, Dan Compton, loves to cook vegetarian food.  Mid-august is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the cornucopia of fresh vegetables available in our neck of the woods.  We welcome Chef Dan back to the farm to craft a memorable three-course vegetable-centric meal. $70/person 


 chilled melon soup, balsamic

stuffed sweet peppers, fromage fort, marcona almonds

bok choy dip, rye crackers


corn, radish and summer bean salad, chevre, basil-mint pesto, toasted sunflower seeds  


"Midwestern mezze": an assortment of shared small plates accompanied by fresh pita and focaccia

baked feta, roasted tomatoes, marinated olives

black goat, grilled peaches, salsa verde

charred cauliflower, eggplant caponata

roasted carrots, braised tropea onions, mushroom escabeche

grilled summer squashes, harissa, Moonglo cheese fonduta

mixed vie pickles  

Dessert blueberry-raspberry-blackberry summer pudding, bourbon-pecan ice cream 

September 1st “Farmer Backyard Block Party” Our “hood” is farm country.  Although most of our farmer neighbors grow grain crops, a few have their own home gardens and have some hidden culinary talents.  We also have some great local food farmers in our neck of the woods. Chef Raquel, joined by some of our neighbors and local farmers, will prepare a multi-course, end-of-summer meal that will forever change the way you think of a neighborhood block party.  $100/person


App:  Mini grilled smoked Moonglo / Flyway mushroom / Arugula / Hirassa / Baguette soup shots : roasted tomato / peppers from our garden

  Cocktail Concord thyme Spritzer  

1st course

PFFC chevre rolled in Delight Flower Farm’s edible flowers / Bread Co. baguette / Bill & Mary Cope’s Greek Olive oil


Mini-pate de Paques en croute / Triple S ground Pork / PFFC’s eggs Berhend’s Concord grape garnish  

MAIN family Style

Pickled beet / orchard apple / toasted pecan / Fennel / Blue Moon Farm Braising mix / garden mint


Grilled Bane Farm lamb Marinated with fresh herb & lemon zest Served with Sola Gratia’s red pepper w/ jalapeno jam


Sweet corn , sweet red pepper & herb spoonbread Our garden’s cherry tomato relish & Breaded Okra  


PFFC chevre & caramel cheesecake PFFC blackberries

September 15th “Progressive 100 Yard Dinner"  Few of our guests have experienced the beautiful restored prairie or riparian zone along the east edge of our farm.  Even fewer have strolled along the banks of the Saline Branch creek that runs to the east of our farm. Each course of this hyperlocal meal will be served in different parts of the farm--the prairie, the orchard, the dining pavilion.  The meal will feature ingredients grown or raised on our farm--pastured poultry, cabrito, eggs, goat dairy products, veggies and tree fruits  $125/person SOLD OUT

Menu and Farm Progression

Herb garden for a “Green Typhoon” drink presentation by Sarah

Pickled vegetable table set up in gardenpickled beets , pickles, cherry tomato , and beet eggs / spicy

Apple wedges / Moonglo cheese / concord glaze reduction

Goats & Cheese station

Fresh Chevre rolled in toasted pecan & garden herbs served with Pepper jam

Baked goat feta with our garden tomatoes , peppers and herbs

Crispy baguette

Prairie & Violin

Goat Barbacoa, goat-milk naan breads, creamy horseradish chevre mousse

Okra cornmeal cakes with bell pepper & jalapeno Fried green tomato with remoulade sauce (homemade mayo , Sarah’s fermented ketchup, boiled egg, horseradish, homemade harissa and garden herbs )


Deconstructed Gazpacho:  Tomato ( onion , cucumber )  water shot + tomato wedge  + Basil Shrub shot

Mediterranean style baked chicken (brined in Goat Cheese Whey ) Red pepper sauce & herbs

(Vegetarian option) :....

Buttery chive & chevre mashed OR smashed crispy with garlic/ herb potatoes

Orchard for dessert

Goat milk chocolate fondue

Poached pear in concord grape broth

Edible flowers shortbread

October 6th "Triptych Brewery Beer Dinner" Early October is the perfect time to enjoy a meal designed around beer. Chef Mark Hartstein (currently cooking at bacaro, champaign, IL and was one of the co-founders of Watson's Shack & Rail) and his partner, Leslie Bettridge (GM at Farrens) will be crafting a very special menu that features Bane Family Meats pastured pork and a different beer pairing with each course.  $100/person includes beer pairings with each course. 


House-made charcuterie: Pâté de Compaigne, Peppered Salo, poached saucisson, housemade mustard & pickles, sourdough
Neighborino, German Pilsner
Autumn Bounty Salad: Blue Moon greens, dehydrated Red Crib Acres apples, sweet potatoes, "Tarnt Cherry" soaked Little Bloom, vinaigrette Dijonaise
Tarnt, Cherry Sour
Miso Ramen: Pork bone broth, organic miso taré, handmade alkaline noodles, braised pork belly, baby leeks
Mirai, Sparkling Rice Lager
Midwest Pibil: Sycamore leaf wrapped pork shoulder cooked in an earthen pit, pickled red onion, salsa habanera, fresh made tortillas
A Wizard is Never Late, East Coast IPA
In Spite of Florence: Spiced ham roasted over PFF wood, bbq carrots, fried black-eyed peas, red-eye gravy
Galloping Ghost, Red IPA
Another Party Heard From: Pear cornmeal tart, Salted caramel gelato
Marzen, Oktoberfest

October 13th “100 Yard-Ploughman’s Feast”. Chef Raquel likes to fire up our wood-fired grill and cook a simple and sumptuous meal. Picture long tables adorned with wooden planks filled with cheese, pickled veggies, grilled meats and crusty bread.  $70/person SOLD OUT

Cocktail : Spiced Seckel pear / bourbon / sage / gomphrena ice


Huckleberry flatbread / roasted pear / arugula / edible flowers / thyme / basil olive oil

Roasted carrot pesto dip / creamed feta

amaranth crackers

Prairie Fruits Farm 100 Yard Ploughman’s Feast

Goat terrine / jalapeno pickled eggs / pickled beets / horseradish

Pickled cherry peppers / horseradish chevre /  green tomato relish / sautéed horseradish leaves

Goat Albondigas / okra / herbs / peppered quince jam

Braised chicken / orchard apple & pear / pear glaze

Green beans / tomato concasse / sauteed rapini / Thai basil

Goat ricotta & Huckleberry soufflé / chive *

Arugula / Chrysanthemum / CosmosRosemary / chive / olive oil*

Goat milk dinner rolls

Edible flower butter


Savarin cakes / goat whey caramel / Rhubarb blackberry chutney / goat milk gelato chocolate nasturtiums

November 10th  “Oaxaca in Champaign”  Chef Andres Padilla of Frontera Grill-Topolobampa-Leña Brava restaurants (Chicago) returns to the farm to delight us with the cuisine of Oaxaca (south eastern Mexico).  Mouth-watering moles, heirloom varieties of corn for masa and distinct varieties of cacao (chocolate) are characteristic foods from this region, along with tamales cooked in banana leaves.  $100/person-SOLD OUT

December 8th “Warm up to Winter” Chef Raquel will prepare a hearty holiday meal inspired by the foreign film classic "Babette's Feast"  $100/person includes wine pairing

Seafood Bouillabaisse (fisherman’s soup)

Wine Pairing: Argiolas Costamolino (Sardinia White)

Blinis Demidoff (buckwheat pancakes with local caviar and chevre-cream)

Wine Pairing: Dibon Cava (Spain)

Guinea Fowl / puff pastry / truffle sauce

Wine Pairing: Valle Reale Montepulciano D'Abruzzo (Italian Red)

Grilled Endive salad

Wine Pairing: Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc (Napa Valley CA)

Savarin au Rhum / fig / candied fruits

Wine Pairing: Dibon Cava (Spain)

Assorted PFF cheeses / fruit  

Wine Pairing: Dow's Rosy Port (Portugal)

Wine pairings by Will Strang Winebow