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Baby boom, the start of the new season, first "Babies & Brunch," and More!

Posted 3/28/2019 10:39pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.

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Farm News

Over 100 kids on the ground in less than three weeks’ time: a continuous stream of birth and renewal of milk and cheese on the farm.  The transformation from stillness and quiet to the moans of labor and the cries of newborns as they take their first breaths never ceases to astound me.  Adrenaline is a dairy farmer’s aid during kidding season.  Our reactions to the signs of labor have become instinctual.  We done our gear grab our labor and delivery box (equipped with OB gloves, betadine, lube and fresh clean towels) and head to the doe barn as the stages of active labor ensue.   

The does usually separate themselves from the rest of the herd as they sense the onset of labor.  They paw at the ground, moving the straw just so to create the perfect nest in which to lie for delivery.  They arch their backs, yawn, and get up and down repeatedly, all in an effort to position their kids for delivery in the birth canal.  As they enter the final stages of labor, they start to push. We look for the birth sack and the first signs of hooves. If the head doesn’t follow right away, we wait a little longer.

We like to encourage our does to do most of the work in delivering their kids, but sometimes they need some assistance.  We’ve had a lot of very big kids born this year; the bigger the kids, the more likely they are to get stuck in the birth canal or come out backwards. I spring into action as goat midwife: OB gloves, lots of lube and a few drops of betadine and in I go in search of the right body parts.  If I find legs, I reach back to find the head attached to those legs. Sometimes, two kids are trying to exit the birth canal at the same time, making it tricky to make sure the legs I am pulling are attached to the right body.  Eventually, the body parts are sorted out, the head is straightened and the front legs move forward to dive into the new world.  

The new mother relaxes as the pressure and pain subside. The other newly freshened mothers gather around the baby to help clean off the birth fluid. Despite her maternal instincts, the new mother allows her herd mates to share in the ritual of welcoming the newborn kid into their communal world. 

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New season of cheese and gelato; First “Babies & Brunch” of the season

Once there was sufficient milk free of colostrum to collect for cheese making and gelato production, we sprang into action in the creamery.  Like bees cleaning their hives after a long and messy winter, we got to work scrubbing and washing, soaking and sanitizing, putting the shine back on the cheese vats.  In one week, we’ve already made three batches of chevre and a batch of gelato base. 

We’re excited to share the fruits of our early season’s labors with you on our first “Babies & Brunch” this Saturday, March 30th, 10 AM-2 PM. Lucky Pierre Bakers will provide us with their scrumptious sweet and savory baked goods:

  • Doughnuts
  • Bagels (try theme with our fresh chevre)
  • Scones
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • White Peach & Chevre Turnovers

We’ll have fresh coffee from Columbia Street Roastery and our famous goat milk hot chocolate.

Take home some cheese while you’re here:

  • Fresh chevre: plain, herbs de Provence, cracked pepper
  • Moonglo
  • Pelota Roja

OR get a scoop or pint of gelato:

  • Vanilla
  • Lemon Crème
  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Try our newest flavor—Black Currant-Cassis—made with locally grown black currants and Kentucky distilled cassis (black currant liqueur)

black currant gelato

Check out the new items in our farm store:

-soaps from Red Barn Farm

-pancake mixes from Funks Grove Heritage Fruits & Grains

-Animal Welfare Approved Bandanas

-Charcuterie from Piemonte Sausage Co.  (pancetta, pork loin filleto)

-locally milled flours from Janie’s Mill AND MORE!

In addition to “Babies & Brunch,” the farm will be open on Sunday from 1-4 pm. Although we won’t be offering brunch service, you can still “Build your own Cheese Board” with wine/beer, peruse the farm store and visit with some of the goats (the barns will be closed, but we’ll have a pen with babies set up outside so you can get your fill of those jubilant beings). 

Other Farm Happenings

Don’t forget to sign up for a farm dinner. I will be adding more dates and themes in the next week or so, but the tickets already for those already on sale are going fast.

Yoga with Goats

Maggie Taylor, owner of Delight Flower Farm, will once again be offering goat yoga this spring. She has posted a number of dates with ticket sales in progress. This playful take on yoga practice will surely delight—check out the dates and book your reservations now.  

goat yoga

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