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Farm on the move while standing still, N. Lincoln Ave. Detour (AGAIN)

Posted 3/3/2017 2:20pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.

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Imagine you are a pregnant mother in your final weeks of gestation.  Now imagine you are carrying triplets, maybe even quadruplets.  OK, now picture yourself as big as a double-wide trailer, standing belly to belly at the feed bunk, pushing and shoving to get your mouthful of choice alfalfa hay.  I realize that you’re beginning to question the validity of this imagery as a mono-gastric, omnivorous primate. This is the image of 60 plus very pregnant does waiting for the birthing hormones to kick in, and labor to commence.  Despite their girth, swollen udders and waddling movements, I confess that the anxiety of waiting is all on us humans.  In fact, with the sun shining, and the wind light, the “girls” are all out in the pasture today, nibbling at the emergent greenery. 

We have been on “goat baby watch” for a couple of weeks now, convinced that we will awake to kids on the ground each morning.  The start of their official due dates is today, but no one is showing any signs of imminent labor.  I guess I’ll have to imagine myself as the doting expecting grandparent and just have a glass of wine. 

Winter markets continue but the farm is gearing up for spring

We’re getting the farm ready for spring and “Babies & Breakfast” season starts in a few weeks--March 18th to be exact.  We’re attending the Champaign Urbana CSA Fair this evening (4-7 PM at the Urbana Civic Center), so come see us and check out our offerings as well as those of other local farms.  We have extended the deadline for our 5% discount on the 2017 through this evening, and we’ll even make it easy for you to sign up AT THE CSA FAIR. 

While we’re waiting for the 2017 cheese making season to begin, we still have cheese and gelato for SALE—check out our offerings through CUFarmers (as well as those from Blue Moon Farm and Bane Family Meats).  Ordering opens this Sunday, March 5th and closes Tuesday evening, March 7th. Pick up at the Urbana “Market in the Square” on Saturday, March 11th.

We will also be attending the Market in the Square  on March 11th for the last time before the outdoor market starts in May.  So, if you haven’t checked out that winter market yet, please come see us. It’s inside Lincoln Square Mall (south entrance by Tang Dynasty); HOURS: 8 AM to 1 PM. I will be sending out an email early next week with details about our market offerings. 

Farm to table Meals

We’ve been busy working with our guest chefs over the winter to develop our line-up of farm to table meals for 2017.  This year, we’ll be offering more casual “pop-up” style meals as well as our farm fancy, extreme farm-to-table extravaganza events. I hope to release ticket sales for the season by early next week. Stay tuned.

North Lincoln Ave. under construction again this spring The part of North Lincoln Avenue just north of the intersection with Oaks Road will be closed starting Monday, March 6th.  Urbana Public Works have posted detour signs along Oaks-Willow Roads and Ford Harris Road to help guide you here to the farm. The good news is that Olympian Drive will be opening on the same day that N. Lincoln Ave. closes. So, if you’re coming from Champaign or I-57, you can take Olympian Drive east right to our farm! For detailed and accurate directions, including a detour map, visit our website.  


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