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Is summer waning?

Posted 8/20/2010 2:34pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
Farm News
This time of year we start to see the signs that summer is fading into fall, despite the hot and dry weather we continue to have and the summer flowers that radiate from our garden.
I can always tell when fall is around the corner by the intensity of buck scent.  When I walk out of the house in the early morning and my nose is hit by the smell of buck, I know that fall can't be too far behind.  When the does start rough-housing and mounting each other, I know they are starting their heat cycles.  Their breeding rhythms are queued by day length and changes in temperature.  The slowly shortening days and the somewhat cooler weather we had earlier in the week sent them signals that it is time to breed.  We humans, however, are not ready for that yet, so we make them wait for another month or so. We did spend several hours this week pouring over our milk records and goat lineage information to begin our match-making plans.  We are finally beginning to have a method to our breeding madness beyond who is most closely related to whom. Turns out that this the least important factor when trying to breed for specific genetic qualities in our next crop of kids. 

The orchard is winding down as well. Last night, the u-pickers picked the last of the peaches.  We have a few apples out there still, but they are not very beautiful, and will likely end up as cider or apple butter.  The Moonglo pears are ripening, and Kris harvested most of them today. They are HUGE!!
Cheese For the Markets this Week: Lov Diversity, High Abundance
We will be attending three farmers' markets this Saturday, August 21st: Urbana, Green City Market and Oak Park. Wes will be greeting you in Urbana, I will be serving you at Green City, and Adam will be at Oak Park. We have plenty of chevre--plain, herbs de Provence, cracked peppercorn and heirloom tomato for you.
We have lots of luscious Angel Food (brie) and Little Bloom on the Prairie (camembert). 
Our hard cheeses like Kaskaskia and Roxanne should reappear next Saturday.