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Late Breaking Market and Farm Dinner News

Posted 9/3/2010 7:12pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
I know it is late. It is nearly 6:30PM on a Friday evening, and those of you who are used to receiving my weekly newsletter are probably wondering what is going on. Why is she so late this week?? Well, I don't have any really good excuses except the need for more hours in the day.  This week we finally got the deluge of rain we were sorely needing. Even the goats tolerated the first drops of rain as they fell on the hard and parched soil.  If it wasn't for growing sorghum-Sudan grass pasture, which tolerates both heat and drought, the girls would not have had much pasture to eat this summer.  Now, with the rain of at least a couple inches, the other pasture plants will start to grow--chicory, birds foot tree-foil are starting to flower in the pastures.  The cooler temperatures that blew in behind the rain clouds should get the cool season grasses to grow as well. 
This week, we're attending three farmers' markets: Urbana, Oak Park and Green City Market in Chicago.  For those of you who patronize the Green City Market, please say hi to Lucy, another Pastoral Artisan Cheese Monger, who will be filling in for Cesar this Saturday. It's her first time selling for us so, please be nice to her (and buy lots of cheese). 
We have the following cheeses for your eating pleasure this holiday weekend:
Fresh Chevre--plain, herbs de Provence, cracked black peppercorn and heirloom dried tomato
Angel Food-our goat milk brie
Little Bloom on the Prairie-our goat milk camembert
Kaskaskia-our raw sheep milk Manchego style cheese-it's hard and dry; excellent for grating or shaving or just cutting a thin slice to enjoy with some grilled peaches or sauteed apples.
FARM DINNER NEWS:For those of you with reservations for this weekend's farm dinner "East Meets West: A Vegetable Love Affair", please remember: it is a SUNDAY afternoon event from 1-5PM.  The menu is finally on the website for your perusal: www.prairiefruits.com under "Dinners on the Farm," then click on "Dinner Descriptions and Make Reservation" then click on the "East Meets West" dinner description and scroll down to view the menu. Alisa will be busy cooking up a storm over the next couple of days. The weather should be spectacular-warm, sunny and a slight breeze. We will be dining outside.