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lazy hazy fall

Posted 10/14/2010 9:27pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
chino hittin the hay
If this doesn't say "lazy," I don't know what does. Chino, our beloved blind cat is the master of the late morning snooze. Here he is "hittin' the hay" on one of the glorious warm fall days we've been having lately.  The trees along the creek are finally beginning to turn color, but I'm afraid that the drought is going to dampen the intensity of fall colors this year. 
Kris harvested our sweet potatoes this past week, and we think we have some record breakers in size.
Kris and his sweet potatoes
How 'bout them sweet potatoes! We'll be serving some of these beauties at the farm dinner this Saturday.
Cheese-wise, we have a nice selection of cheeses for you to taste and buy at the farmers' markets this Saturday. We'll be attending three markets this Saturday: Urbana, Oak Park and Chicago's Green City Market. Remember, there are only a few outdoor market Saturdays left, so please come out and support your local farmers and pick up some amazing locally-grown foods.  What do we have for you?
  • Fresh Chevre-plain, herbs de Provence and cracked pepper for sure; maybe dried tomato too
  • Angel Food-it is really rich tasting these days
  • Little Bloom on the Prairie
  • Red Dawn-our soft-ripened goat milk disc dusted in a bath of smoked paprika YUM!
  • Last of the Sheep Milk Feta--last batch of the season and it is REALLY creamy!
  • Moonglo--our luscious raw goat milk tomme; has a sweet-tang flavor right now
  • Roxanne-our raw sheep milk brebis
Come early and buy lots! It's a great time to catch the remants of solar warmth.