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Millie-the 1000th Cheese!

Posted 7/22/2011 10:49am by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.
The big news this week is that our 1000th batch of cheese (yes, that's right we're in our 6th year as a farmstead creamery and we make at least seven to nine batches of cheese per week--i'll let you do the rest of the math) is ready for sale this week. We named her "Millie" after one of our best milkers, Millie, who was also our first-born doe (along with her twin sister Tillie) on the farm AND the latin for 1000 (milli).  It is a lovely geotrichum (that's a delicate white mold) rinded log made with 70% goats' milk and 30% sheeps' milk.  It has a creamy mouth feel despite the somewhat drier texture relative to our cheve. It would be wonderful with a cool salad or just slice it and put it on a piece of baguette with a slice of heirloom tomato drizzled with some good olive oil. 
Millie Cheese
"Millie Cheese" (photo by Ben Jarrell--yes, that is Wes' son)

I could talk about the heat and all that stress associated with heat, but I know everyone is hot and miserable, so I will spare you.  We are doing our best to keep the goats comfortable with plenty of cool water and fresh forage. The fans are blowing a mile a minute inside the barns.  Tomatoes love this heat, and they are ripening a lot faster than last year. In fact, we harvested our first round of Juliette tomatoes (those wonderfully rich mini-romas) which we dried so we can start making our heirloom tomato chevre next week.  The bright side of the heat is that everyone NEEDS to eat gelato.  We have reinforced our stocks this week so we have plenty for our Urbana Farmers' Market goers. 
We're attending three markets this Saturday, JULY 23RD: Urbana, Bloomington and Oak Park. 
We have a fantastic lineup of cheeses for you:
  • Plenty of cool and creamy fresh chevre--plain, herbs de Provence, cracked pepper
  • Angel Food ---goat milk brie
  • Little Bloom on the Prairie--goat milk camembert
  • Ewe Bloom
  • Baby Black Sheep
  • Moonglo
  • Roxanne--making its 2011 debut--a raw sheep milk Pyrennes style of cheese, semi-hard and slightly sweet-grassy flavor
  • Huckleberry Blue-our spring milk blue--stocks are dwindling, so come and get it before it's gone--think burgers with blue cheese or crumble it on a salad
  • MILLIE CHEESE--our delicate log of deliciousness
Stewart and Wes have been busy spinning gelato this week to keep you all cool with sweetness.  Gelato Flavors include:
  • Simply Vanilla
  • Luscious Chocolate
  • Strawberry (the last of the season)
  • Tart Summer Cherry
  • Black Raspberry
  • Hazelnut (Nocciola)
  • Pistachio Siciliano
  • Essence of Chocolate Mint
  • Honey Lavender
The last two flavors are especially sweet because Wes is making them with his grand-daughter Margot (who is visiting us with her parents this week).  She is an excellent little helper (future farm labor perhaps???)

Many of you have been asking about our peaches and blackberries, and I am happy to report that our peaches are very close to being ready for picking. We will let everyone know next week when we will start up our U-Pick season again. We may even have some to harvest for our Tuesday Farm Sale. Don't forget: It's 3-7PM every Tuesday.  Blue Moon Farm will be here with veggies, we'll have our cheeses and gelato and some of our own veggies. Pekara Bakehouse might be here if the weather isn't too hot. See you then.