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Udder Proud and Saturday Open House Details

Posted 3/26/2015 10:03pm by Leslie Cooperband or Wes Jarrell.

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Farm News

With nearly a month of lactating under their belts (or should I say between their legs), the goat girls are ramping up to peak milk production.  This past week, we completed our monthly milk testing known as “DHI” or Dairy Herd Improvement.  Each month, we measure the total volume of milk each doe produces and collect a sample to determine butterfat, protein and udder health.  Although this testing slows down the milking process, it gives us a chance to inspect each doe’s udder closely and get some stats on their milk production. 

Pearls Udder

As the does file onto the stantion, their udders taught with milk, I witness a progression of genetic improvements from one generation to the next.  Our older does, replete with pendulous, misshapen udders, continue to put out the white liquid, but the younger does have the most beautiful udder attachments and plumb teats.  Watching the milk flow from their udders and fill the milk meters, I wait with anticipation to read the number.  I can’t help but feel a twinge of pride when I see the fruits of my breedings.  It all comes down to form AND function. 


Saturday Open House

We’ll be opening our farm gates once again this Saturday, March 28th from 9AM to 12 noon.   Come see the growing number of Nigerian Dwarf babies along with our full-size kids.  Enjoy a goat milk hot chocolate or a plate of biscuits and gravy.  Peruse the offerings of cheese, yogurt and gelato as well as the wares of other local farmers and food artisans. 

baby nigerian

Blue Moon Farm and Tomahnous Farm will be here with early season veggies.  Stewart’s Artisan Breads will have a great assortment of hearty breads, bagels, cookies and pastries.  Take home a package of Piedmonte Sausage or a beautiful cheese board hand-crafted by Cara Cummings.  Check out our goat milk soaps, our goat tee shirts, tea towels and our beautiful new COLORING BOOKS!!! It’s a great way to force this cold weather outta here.   
cara's wood working

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