Our cheeses

Using the milk from our herd of Nubian and La Mancha goats, we produce French influenced cheeses that have their roots in our deep dark prairie soils.
Our fresh chevre is as fresh as it gets—hints of lemon and luscious mouth feel. fresh chevre
Our two bloomy rind cheeses, “Angel Food” and “Little Bloom on the Prairie” have traditional white mold rinds. Angel Food is a ladled curd cheese with a thin rind and deliciously gooey interior. Little Bloom is a cut curd camembert-style, with a creamy core.  Angel Food
 Angel FoodLittle Bloom on the Prairie
Little Bloom on the Prairie
Dent de Leon takes it name from the puffy dandelion heads prolific on our farm in spring. We take a fresh chevre and coat it with ash and let it age for about 1 month, allowing natural molds to colonize the rind. Excellent for grating.
Dent de Leon and berries
Moonglo is a raw milk tomme-style cheese with a washed rind. In addition to ripening cultures, we wash the rind with a “tea” made from Moonglo Pear leaves.  Aged three months.  Slightly nutty with notes of ripe fruits and truffles.
Red Currants
Strawberries are available in late May to early June