Farmstead Gelato and Sorbetto

For the uninitiated, gelato is Italian style ice cream. The main differences between gelato and American style ice cream are 1) less air and 2) less fat. What does this mean: a healthier product and more intense flavors. We use our goat milk to make the milk-based flavors and all local fruits for the sorbettos (dairy-free). We have perfected our recipes to provide you with pure, unadulterated flavors.  In fact, the goat milk results in a really creamy and smooth texture.  

gelato flavors

We make a variety of flavors each week including vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and seasonal flavors such as local strawberry, red currant sorbetto and honey-lavender.

We try to incorporate as much of our own fruits and herbs into the ever-changing flavors.  Infusions of chocolate mint, Thai basil and lemon verbena - thyme are several of our herbal flavors.  Peaches and blackberries come from our farm or local Illinois farms.  Any additional fruits, herbs, nuts or syrups are sourced locally from farms and farmers that we are proud to support.

We sell our gelati and sorbetti by the pint and single servings each week at the Urbana Market at the Square on Saturday mornings, May through November and the indoor Market in the Square during late fall and winter months. We also offer scoops and pints for sale at our farm store