An entire season of cheese and gelato?? Sign me up!!

What is a CSA?  Community Supported Agriculture,  or CSA, is typically defined as subscribing to a farm to receive weekly shares of produce--mostly vegetables and fruits-in season.  We've taken this concept and applied it to our farmstead dairy products: Our CSA offers a season's worth of cheese and goat milk gelato.  


OUR 2019 CSA SEASON offers you CHOICES:

Our CSA is modeled on an "a la carte" menu. Shares are based on the number of pieces of cheese and/or pints of gelato. You then get to choose the types of cheese you want for each pickup. You also get to choose your flavors of gelato or sorbetto.  You're in charge.  We also offer special "members only" cheeses.  

Every two weeks, from mid May to the end of October, for a total of 13 pick-ups, members receive the shares of fresh and aged cheeses and/or pints of gelato.  How GREAT is that!?! 

Why join our CSA if you can get our products at the farmers' market or local retail stores? 

  • We offer discounts on the retail prices of our products. The sooner you sign up, the better the discount.
  • We treat our CSA members like local food royalty: We offer "members only" special cheeses and gelato flavors
  • We offer a harvest feast for CSA members only
  • You help us financially at a time of year when we need it most (winter and early spring.  

Our 2019 season runs mid-May through the end of October.  We have three pick up locations in Central IL: either at the farm--Prairie Fruits Farm or at Champaign, Urbana's Market at the Square, Bloomington (with Henry Brockman's CSA) and Bloomington (with PrairiErth Farm CSA).  

One of the "perks" of CSA membership is a special harvest meal on the farm, prepared EXCLUSIVELY for our CSA members.  

Ready to sign up? Click here