Our Garden & Orchard

Our Typical Seasonal Offerings for Fruit Picking

Late July into early August, our peaches and blackberries begin to ripen.   We have several varieties of peaches, along with thorn-less blackberries, and their taste cannot be rivaled.  We also have apples and pears in the fall.  

As with any fruit grower, the availability of our fruit is dependent on the weather.  Though we plan to offer our fruits as U-pick throughout the season, this is not always the case.  Sign-up for the newsletter or follow us on Facebook to find out if/when we will be offering U-picks.  We may also offer it at the Urbana Farmer’s Market or during our On Farm Sales. 

For more information about the fruit orchard, please contact Dani/Erica at pffcfruit@gmail.com.

peach trees

We also grow a large variety of various vegetables and herbs.  We have a beautiful herb garden that supplies our kitchen and flavors our gelato/sorbetto.  We grow several varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, dark leafy greens, carrots, and much more.  Feel free to spend some time wandering through the garden when you visit us.