Our Herd

goats in pasture
Our goats lead an enviously carefree life on the prairie.  Our herd of Nubians, LaManchas and Nubian X La Mancha crosses are raised according to the strict standards of Animal Welfare Approved.  We integrate rotational grazing practices with locally-sourced grains and alfalfa hay. OUR PASTURES ARE MANAGED ORGANICALLY AND ALL OF OUR LOCAL FEED IS NON-GMO, INCLUDING OUR GRAIN AND OUR HAY.

Animal Welfare Approved (Certification under "A Greener World") is an independent certifying program that emphasizes pasture-based animal husbandry and humane treatment of livestock. They insist that livestock are raised in ways that allow them to express their natural behaviors. It is considered the "gold standard" certification for livestock production. 

Our dairy is an Illinois licensed Grade A Dairy (License number 3508), which means that we must comply with state regulations for maintaining hygienic conditions during milking and milk storage. Our farmstead cheese making facility is an Illinois licensed Manufactured Processing Facility (License number 17-532); as such we maintain extremely hygienic conditions in the rooms where the milk is pasteurized and the cheese are made and aged. Our milk and cheese are sampled monthly by the IL Department of Public Health and our facility is inspected at 1-2 times per year.