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Goat Cheese and Seasonal Veggie Frittata


  • 6-8 Farm Fresh Eggs
  • 1 C Whole Milk
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 1 T olive oil
  • Approximately 1 C mixed seasonal veggies, chopped, such as kale, leeks, chard, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, etc.
  • Salt & pepper to season
  • 4-5 oz. of fresh goat cheese (2/3 container of Prairie Fruits Farm Fresh Chevre)
  • ½ C grated hard cheese such as Moonglo or Magia Negra (hard, raw-milk cheeses from Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery)
  • Several pinches of smoked paprika (for dusting on top of frittata)

1. Whisk eggs together with milk in a large bowl. 

2. Sauté chopped onion in olive oil until tender (5 minutes) in an oven-proof, deep skillet –10 “diameter cast-iron skillet is preferred for this recipe.

3. Add chopped vegetables to skillet and sauté until wilted or soft (5 minutes).

4. Season egg-milk mixture with salt and pepper and add to skillet; stir for several minutes to cook eggs partially

5. Add dollops of fresh goat cheese and grated hard cheese and stir briefly into eggs.

6. Remove from heat, sprinkle smoked paprika on surface and place whole pan under broiler (high heat) for 5-7 minutes to finish cooking the eggs and brown the frittata.

7. Remove from broiler, let rest for a couple of minutes and slice into 6-8 wedges.

8. Serve with simple salad of fresh local greens and a light vinaigrette.  Serves 6-8 people.

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