Fundraising Campaign


We are pleased to announce the launch of our farm’s  FIRST community-driven and crowd-sourced capital campaign.  We have chosen to launch this fundraising campaign simply, using our website and farm social media tools, so that we can maximize our fundraising potential. We have developed a concrete list of projects so you can see how your gifts will be put to work.    

Here is our wish list of projects for completing this spring:              

1. "Put a lid on it:"  Thanks to our stalwart staff and volunteers, we erected the timber frame over our outdoor patio last year.  Now we need to install the metal roof and adjustable sidewalls for protection from sun, wind, and rain. This will allow YOU, our guests, to enjoy dining outside for three seasons of the year!!

2. "Creature Comforts:" Let's face it; people enjoy our indoor dining and farm shop experience when the temperature is just right.  We would like to install central heating and air conditioning in dining room and kitchen, to make the year-round indoor experience more comfortable for guests and staff alike.

3. "Pave Paradise:" Let's face it; our gravel drive way and parking areas will be so much easier to maintain if they are paved. 

4.  "When you gotta go..:" When we have crowds out at the farm (which happens more frequently these days), a single unisex bathroom just doesn't cut it.  We would like to add another bathroom. 

5." Freedom to play: " So many families come to the farm to visit with the goats and enjoy some local food. Sometimes parents just want to sit on the patio and enjoy an adult beverage, while their kids play safely on the farm. We'd love to build a farm-themed play structure so that kids can burn off some energy and sleep really soundly at night. 

To raise funds for these projects, we are doing our first and only crowd-funding campaign.  Target:  $40,000   

To participate, please select the amount you’d like to donate (scroll down to the bottom of this page).  Any donation of $100 or higher will include the donor’s name on a brass plaque mounted inside the Pavilion.  

Level              Award

$  25             Shout out on website, listing in dining room/shop

$  50             Chippy the Goat tea towel signed by staff at PFFC  

$ 100            Special “Farm Fan” t-shirt  

$ 250            One hour private tour and tasting for up to 8 people

$  500           Half day with the goats for up to 5 people: milking, goat herding on the restored prairie  PFF&C snacks  

$1,000        Full-Day on the Farm; milk the goats, take them to pasture, enjoy a farm-to-table lunch, tour the creamery and end the day with a cheese tasting under new Pavilion.  Up to 8 people.

$5000         Full day at the farm for up to 8 people, with delicious, slow-food dinner and a special plaque in Pavilion acknowledging your contribution.        

Some Background

Over a decade has passed since we planted our first fruit trees and purchased our first four dairy goats.  What started as a dream to give our community the experience of enjoying a dead ripe peach and a desire to learn how to make seasonal farmstead goat cheeses has blossomed into a real, working, diversified farm.  With the resounding support of our community, our farm has grown organically and exponentially. 

As we’ve grown, we have always kept our community in mind. Our proximity to town affords our patrons a unique opportunity to experience a working farm throughout the seasons.  Providing outstanding farm products and unique farm experiences to a wide range of customers has been at the forefront of our mission as a sustainable farm business.  

We recognize that one of main strengths is the support of our local community.  More and more people have come out to visit the farm in recent years, and we've responded by offering more seasonal events and farm open hours.   Last year alone, over 10,000 of you visited the farm for events, farm-to-table dinners, open houses, the farm store, etc.

Looking ahead to the 2018 season, we’ve got big plans to make the farm even more accessible and welcoming.   Rest assured, we’ll continue our policy of free parking and free admission to the farm for everyone during our open hours.

While contributions are not tax-deductible, we hope you view your support as a means to strengthen our local food economy and build community around local foods.  

Please act now!  The campaign ends on April 29, but the sooner we receive funds the faster we can complete our projects and have the farm in tip top shape for the 2018 season!  Thank YOU so much for your support.



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