Goat Reservations

We require a deposit to reserve goats of $100 per head. This deposit holds both kids and adults for the time period agreed upon by Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery and the buyer.

2019 Breeding Buckling Reservations

We are now taking reservations for spring 2019 breeding bucklings (out of proven does).  We require a deposit of $100 to hold a buckling.  

Final prices are:

$225 for unweaned (less than 4 weeks old)

$350 for older than four weeks or weaned

Available: 12
2019 Doeling Reservations

We are now taking reservations for 2019 spring breeding stock. We require a deposit of $100 per head to hold either an unweaned (less than 4 weeks old) or weaned (6-8 weeks old) doeling.

Total prices are:

$225 for unweaned doeling or breeding buckling

$300 for doelings older than 4 weeks or weaned doeling


Available: 33
Bred Does

We typically sell 3-6 bred does in December. 

We require a $100 per head to hold the reservation.

Final price is $300-350 each, depending on milk records.

Sold Out
Dry Open Doe

These are adult does of various ages that have not been bred and won't be lactating this season.

Available: 1
Goat Wether

We sell several castrated young male goats as pets/companion animals or for show at Fairs. Prices vary with age:

1-4 weeks old $60/each

5-8 weeks old $80/each

over 8 weeks old $100 each

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Milking doe

We don't have any milking does for sale now, but we might in spring-early summer 2019.

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