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Udder Proud and Saturday Open House Details

March 26th, 2015

Farm News With nearly a month of lactating under their belts (or should I say between their legs), the goat girls are ramping up to peak milk production.  This past week, we completed our month

Transitions of spring AND First Farm Open House of the Season

March 19th, 2015

 Farm News Spring: the transition from barrenness to birth, from restfulness to running, from thought to action.  We got a jump start on kidding season this year, making the transition from

NEWS Flash: March means baby goat madness and Farm Dinner Tickets

March 2nd, 2015

March is coming in like a lion; the roar of hungry baby goats is deafening.  Within the past few days we have had a surge from a handful of kids to 75 on the ground.  There seems to be a co


Late Breaking News

Want to indulge the local food lover in your life? Get them a gift of tickets to our "Dinners on the Farm."  Deadline for the discount on these presale tickets is Wednesday, December 31st at 5pm. Don't delay!

Thank you for being a dedicated supporter of Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery. If you enjoy our food and believe in what we do, consider prepaying for edible credits with delicious rewards through our Credibles Campaign. Learn more at credibles.co/prairiefruits 


Sign Up for our 2015 "Cheese, Bread & Gelato" CSA is now open.  Lock in great prices (15% discount off 2014 prices if you sign up by December 31st; 10% discount if you sign up by March 1st, 2015) for cheese, gelato and artisan breads.  CSA members can also sign up for an exclusive farm dinner at almost half the cost of our regular farm dinners!


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